Roberta Ascrizzi

Roberta Ascrizzi

Post-doctoral research fellow, Department of Pharmacy, University of Pisa, Italy

I work as an analytical phytochemist in the Pharmaceutical Biology research group of the Pharmacy Department, University of Pisa, Italy. After my Master Degree in Pharmacy, I obtained a PhD in “Pharmaceutical and Bioactive Substances Science” at the Pharmacy Department of the University of Pisa, Italy, with a thesis focused on Cannabis sativa L., particularly addressed to the study of hemp volatile secondary metabolites and their variability based on intrinsic (hemp variety) and extrinsic (agronomic techniques, site, climate, treatment, etc.) factors. I have extensively studied hemp essential oils of different composition for several applications, such as pest management and alcoholic beverages flavoring. Moreover, I have studied the application of the volatile analysis in hashish blocks as a tool to aid the estimation of the route through which the material has reached the dealers’ market. My main fields of expertise are i) the extraction and study of the spontaneously emitted volatiles and of the essential oils obtained from food, medicinal, and aromatic plants, and ii) the chemometric evaluation of existing patterns in these compositional behaviors.

Session(s) by Roberta Ascrizzi

Day 2 17 Jun 2021

From by-product to resource: Industrial hemp flowers as source of essential oil and flavorings