Rémi Cornerier

Rémi Cornerier

Entrepreneur, Chanvre Eco System

It was in 2017 that for the first time I typed the word "Chanvre" in the search engine.

My first readings stunned me, how could I have missed this plant and all its capabilities for so long? It's by pursuing my research from a historical point of view that I understood what hemp had been victim of. I immediately felt an injustice deep inside me, I dreamed for a moment what the world would be like if hemp had never been banned, it was beyond imagination. The return to reality and the reminder of all the issues that our civilization must face lit a flame that will be difficult to extinguish. Without really realizing it at the time, I can say that I decided on that day to throw myself heart and soul into the service of Hemp.

In 2018, at the age of 21, I decided to start the project "Sur la Route du Chanvre" (On the Hemp Road), a multimedia documented journey that I realized over 5 months, to meet actors of the European industrial hemp sector: agricultural practices, hemp straw valorization, decortication, hemp seed valorization, second transformation, uses of co-products, product innovation, 15th EIHA Conference attendee...and many promising relationship with passionate people.

In 2019, I am completing my end-of-study internship at South Hemp Tecno as a business developer. The company is specialized in the decortication of hemp straw and has managed several hundred hectares across Italy. This allowed me to have a second and more concrete contact with the reality of the challenges of our sector, while allowing me to catch a glimpse of the amazing potential of industrial Hemp.

It is in this plant that I believe, it is our best chance to face, among other, the environmental, energy, housing & food security challenges.

Graduated at the end of 2019 from the business school of Kedge BS in Marseille, I decided that year to launch myself in the adventure of entrepreneurship. Followed by two incubators, I matured my idea, the idea became a pilot project and the pilot project became a start-up.

Chanvre Eco System, created in 2021, offers a solution for the valorization of carbon storage for all industrial Hemp farming activities or projects. The objective is to reward the actors of change, specially from the beginning of their Hemp project, and for all phases of development. Carbon credit constitutes an unprecedented opportunity that is designed to give an economic competitive advantage for lower carbon emitter solution. Applied to industrial Hemp, carbon credits will benefit the entire industrial Hemp supply-chain while raising awareness among new stakeholders (consumers, companies, institutions) on the assets of industrial Hemp, its potential and its compatibility with the common UN SDGs.

Session(s) by Rémi Cornerier

Day 2 17 Jun 2021

Sustaining the development of industrial hemp farming through the valorization of carbon storage: overview and case study