Mathieu Ebbesen-Goudin

Mathieu Ebbesen-Goudin

CEO of VirgoCoop, France

After years working as a humanitarian worker abroad, I have decided to return home in Occitanie and set-up a cooperative with motivated friends that believe the textile sector has to become a lead in the ecological transition the whole world needs. As Occitanie is a great place to grow organic textile hemp, it was obvious to us that this should be the locomotive of our projects, and we have started in 2016 to work with various partners on the different aspects of the production chain, from the agriculture to the final products. 2021 is a key moment as many of the technical obstacles are behind us, and we are proud that VirgoCoop is among the actors in Europe investigating with success the obtention of a 100% local hemp yarn.

Session(s) by Mathieu Ebbesen-Goudin

Day 1 16 Jun 2021

A 100% hemp yarn made in Occitanie, France: how we are almost there