M Ayanda Bam

M Ayanda Bam

CEO, BCubed Africa Cannabis Consulting Co-Founder, Friends of Hemp South Africa

Ayanda Bam is the CEO of BCubed Consulting, one of the leading hemp and cannabis advisory companies in South Africa. He is the co-founder of Friends of Hemp South Africa (FoHSA) an alliance of business, public sector, and civil society driving efforts to fully liberalize and commercialize hemp in Southern Africa. He previously served as COO of Ivili Loboya (niche natural fibers textiles company) and held various strategic positions at Development Alternative Inc (DAI), Monitor Group, Deloitte Consulting, and Adam Smith International where he led various award-winning regional initiatives focused on sustainable livelihoods, agriculture/agribusiness, climate change, infrastructure, and rural development. Ayanda serves on numerous boards as is among the panel of experts advising the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Competition as well as provincial leadership structures on hemp and cannabis industrialization in South Africa.

Session(s) by M Ayanda Bam

Day 2 17 Jun 2021

South Africa: A Dream Denied – Developments in the Regulatory Framework