Luca Gelardi

Luca Gelardi

Sales Director nutraceutical ingredients EMEA region

I’ve got a Bsc cum laude in herbal and nutraceutical products at University of Catania. I’ve spent my whole career in botanical ingredients industry, merging my personal passion for plants and nature with my profession. I’ve started when I was very young from a small local company to join then some of the companies recognized as top suppliers by the industry. I firmly believe in personal relationships development and networking, so I embraced recent steps of my job career in sales and BD, managing such activities mainly with quality and technical approach, thanks to my past experience in product development and regulatory. I always give a look to sustainability, both social and environment, but also in everyday life because initiatives like Earth Day can become everyday. Hemp and CBD derivatives are the new challenge for present and future of food/supplements because hemp is a sustainable crop (low water, low maintenance, low pest, high biomass, short lifecycle) and it’s rich of story and precious health compounds.

Session(s) by Luca Gelardi

Day 2 17 Jun 2021

Regulatory approach to cannabinoids: hemp, botanical extracts and alternatives