Jonas Eder-Hansen

Jonas Eder-Hansen

Public Affairs Director, Global Fashion Agenda

Jonas Eder-Hansen is Public Affairs Director at Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), the foremost leadership forum for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion. As Public Affairs Director, he leads government affairs, policy and related stakeholder engagement, and the creation of impactful industry commitments on both a regional and international level. Eder-Hansen spearheaded GFA’s 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment, which called upon the fashion industry to take urgent action on circularity. The commitment was signed by 12.5% of the global fashion industry. Eder-Hansen also actively works with policymakers to align regulation and policy agendas with fashion industry interests. Furthermore, he shapes the content for Copenhagen Fashion Summit – the world’s largest event on sustainability in fashion. The Summit provides a forum for a vast range of stakeholders, from CEOs to politicians to manufacturers from across the globe, to convene and collaborate. With a long career in sustainability, Eder-Hansen is regularly interviewed by media to provide his expert insights on the key issues. Eder-Hansen was formerly Development Director for Danish Fashion Institute. Prior to that, he was Research Director at the CBS Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, where he was a major driving force in the establishment and development of the now internationally acclaimed research centre.

Session(s) by Jonas Eder-Hansen

Day 1 16 Jun 2021

Smart Material Choices – Gaps and Opportunities