MH medical hemp GmbH is an innovative and technologically leading company specializing in cannabidiol (CBD) extraction,  production and worldwide marketing of hemp-based cannabinoids and products containing CBD.
All our efforts are committed to make the plant Cannabis sativa and its valuable components usable for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
At MH medical hemp we offer bulk Cannabidiol rich hemp extracts, CBD oils and CBD isolate to formulators and manufacturers around the world – supporting and supplying them for their own line of CBD products.
Besides the activities in the supplement and cosmetic industries MH medical hemp GmbH has become a GDP certified pharmaceutical wholesaler for medicinal cannabis flowers and is in the GMP certification process for pharmaceutical manufacturing of cannabinoid based medicine.


Contact details:

MH medical hemp GmbH
Muensterstr. 334
40470 Dusseldorf


Phone: +49 (0)211 699905610