Changing the world with CBD, that was the goal for Dutch Natural Healing(DNH) since the start-off back in 2010. The past 7 years we pioneered as one of the first companies to sell CBD next to vitamin C in stores and a wide customer base all over the world. Till today, we are far from finished. Supporting the well-being of animals and people is our main motivation. We do this 24-7 by delivering a first class customer service, the highest food-standards and top quality products that remain close to the plant. With the amount of experience in terpenes, cannabinoids and the integrations of CBD in food and existing product portfolio’s, DNH was able to grow a rock steady reputation and we are still considered as one of the benchmarks in our field of business. With the proof of concept model coming from feedback of our consumer customers all over the world, we offer proven efficient and effective products available for bulk-, wholesale- and private-label clients. We offer a working business model and a straight and honest basis for success in cannabinoids and terpenes for retail, Business to Business and online stores, all with a perfect balance in quality, price and ethics. We operate fully independent and all aspects of production, fulfillment and packaging are done in house and under ISO22000 conditions. This guaranties consistency and the highest standards in food-safety, quality of products and service. Working with DNH in CBD is not seldom referred to as a delight and stress- free partnership and money is never priority. Health is wealth.