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Michael Bieder

Michael boasts a diverse professional journey marked by successful transitions across industries. His career commenced with a five-year tenure as the head of the purchasing department for a tier 1 automotive supplier, where he honed his skills in supply chain management.

Driven by his passion for quality ingredients with both nutritional value and exceptional taste, Michael made a dynamic cross-career move into the food industry. Over the course of 15 years, he dedicated himself to this sector, showcasing his creativity in food development and fostering innovation.

In 2010, Michael embarked on a new venture in the United Kingdom, where he adeptly managed a franchise business for 12 years. His entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen propelled the success of this endeavor, demonstrating his adaptability and leadership capabilities.

Continuing his journey of exploration, Michael transitioned to the industrial hemp sector, driven by a commitment to sustainable solutions. Beginning with field trials in 2018, he quickly advanced to conceptualizing new processing methods and pioneering innovative technologies for the hemp industry.

In 2023, Michael played a pivotal role in establishing Fibamax, a joint venture dedicated to implementing cutting-edge technology in the form of phytofineries. These blueprint facilities revolutionize lignocellulosic material processing, including hemp, and represent a significant step forward in sustainable manufacturing practices.

Currently, Michael leads the technical development and blueprint design of Phytofineries as part of a grant-funded programme from the BMWK BioEconomy Scheme.