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Maximiliano Baranoff

Maximiliano Baranoff has a degree in International Relations, has a Master’s degree in Innovation and Economic Development at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and is co-founder of Industrial Hemp Solutions (IHS). He has been working for 10 years within the ecosystem of sustainable production processes; he specializes in creating solutions that decarbonize production chains, developing new markets and circular products.

Since 2021, together with IHS, he has developed the industrial hemp value chain in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay due to its competitive advantages. In each country, strong public-private articulation work has been done in order to develop each link in the production chain, from the origination of raw materials from the field, through technical validations with industries that seek to decarbonize their value chains, to obtaining public funds and mobilization of private capital for the primary transformation infrastructure of the hemp crop.