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Marie-Emmanuelle Belzung

A business graduate with 25 years’ experience in fashion and international marketing, Marie-Emmanuelle Belzung joined Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp (former CELC) in 2007 as General Delegate, with the initial mandate of defining a strategy to promote the European flax agro-industrial sector in a global market context.

Since 2019, she has steered the development strategy for the flax-linen and hemp industry on innovation & CSR, and driven the global promotion strategy towards the premium and luxury fashion, lifestyle and high-performance markets. A strategy and action plan supported by an economic observatory and by two certifications of origin and traceability, European Flax ™ and Masters of Linen ™, which are the cornerstones for environmental footprint assessments, and for proven functional properties. She also holds a seat on various European Commission bodies.