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Hana Gabrielovà

CEO of Hempoint & President of Czechemp 

Hana Gabrielová is a 20-year veteran within the hemp industry. In 2010 she establish her company Hempoint s.r.o. which is heavily engaged in distribution of EU registered hemp seed varieties internationally, in North America represented by USA company konopiUS. Hempoint provides consulting on all steps of the hemp value chain from farming, processing till the end of different kinds of products. Hempoint help contracts farmers and also distributes organic hemp food and feed ingredients. Hana works also as president of the CzecHemp cluster since 2018, NGO involved in the strategy of hemp and cannabis policy development in the Czech Republic. In 2020 she co-founded Hemp the Climate, pioneering non-profit organization and think tank that provides strategic advice to businesses and collaborates with multilateral and non-governmental organizations to accelerate the use of hemp for climate resilience.