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Florian Pichlmaier

CEO, Signature Products

After completing his Bachelor in Business Law (LL.B.) in Germany and Master of Law (LL.M.) in England, Florian was involved in auditing startups and venture capital firms at KPMG. During his studies, he founded numerous startups with the vision of making people’s lives easier and healthier by providing high-quality products or services.

During his studies, he also worked in Brussels at the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, where he gained his first experience of international politics, lobbying and legal development, which he has since been able to use for the hemp industry.

He also had the opportunity to work for an international investment law firm in Shanghai for a year and gain cultural and legal experience in a country that is considered as the largest industrial hemp cultivation area.

After Florian had convinced himself of the health effects of CBD in his university time, he also wanted to make hemp available to his friends, which earned him positive feedback. Together with his friend Tobias, this led him to the idea of offering everyone access to legal, high-quality industrial hemp at fair prices and transparent processes. This resulted in the founding of Signature Products. Today Florian leads the company as CEO mainly in the area of business development. In 2022, Florian was appointed to the management board of Europe’s largest hemp association EIHA and named by Forbes as one of the 30 most influential people under 30 who will have an impact on the future.

Florian has managed to build Signature Products into one of the leading industrial hemp companies in Europe, growing industrial hemp, processing and trading the hemp ingredients, but also conducting in-depth research with leading universities from sowing seed to finished product.