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Sasha Bajilo


Over the years, Sasha Bajilo’s fascination for the Cannabis plant has grown through extensive multidisciplinary research, focusing on cannabis botany, chemistry, breeding, and cultivation. His dedication to this field has led me to work tirelessly with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), connecting with people in need, media, and government institutions.

With years of experience in the cannabis industry and pro bono work in NGOs, he established Ilesol Pharmaceuticals to create a reliable and professional cannabis business operation. Founded in 2017 as a hemp extraction service provider, Ilesol introduced our first CBD products in early 2018, followed by their Skin Greens cosmetics line in 2021 and food supplements and botanical extracts lines in 2023.

From the outset, their commitment has been to provide clients with specially formulated products, making us the first European à la carte cannabinoid company. Currently, we have established production processes for cosmetic ingredients, food ingredients, and end consumer cosmetic products. Ilesol Pharmaceuticals has also completed project documentation for the pharmaceutical production of API.

The company is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 22716, HACCP, and is a GMP-certified producer of CBD oils for cosmetics.

His previous work since 2011 included hemp cultivation, designing hemp processing machinery, developing indoor grow operations, selling grow equipment, distributing CBD and providing consultation. His former company, B-Oil, was the first distributor of CBD oils in Croatia in 2014.

As a co-founder of Croatian reference point NGOs Medical Cannabis Association and Hemp Producers Association, his NGO work involved supporting patients and hemp farmers, providing education and consultation pro bono, and engaging with media and the Croatian government. He served as a member of the Health Ministry Commission for Medical Cannabis, contributing to the legalization of medical cannabis use in Croatia in 2015.

In 2015 he has also actively participated in a political parliamentary party’s efforts to legalize recreational cannabis in Croatia, he is co-author of their cannabis policy and author of the cannabis regulatory model.