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Paolo Ronchetti

Marketing Manager, Tecnocanapa Senini

Paolo is Sales & Marketing director for the Tecnocanapa product range within Senini Srl, a leading industrial player in the production of cement pavers, blocks and curbs based in Montichiari, Italy.

He holds a BSc in Economics and Business from the University of Bergamo and a MSc in Sustainable Development from Dublin Institute of Technology. It is Ireland thanks to his Masters thesis where Paolo started  trying to find the answer to one simple but important question: “what are the limits to the large scale development of hemp lime biocomposites in the construction sector?”.

Inspired by the ‘Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development’ and ‘Future Thinking’, in 2011 he co-founded Equilibrium, the first startup benefit company to promote hemp building as a major solution to health, environmental and performace issues caused by conventional building materials.

In 2018, Equilibrium joined Senini thus making Paolo’s dream real: hemp building as a viable industrial sector with certified and patented products. One of the latest certificates obtained by Tecnocanapa is the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) that officially quantifies hemp building carbon sequestration capacity.

Over the past few years Paolo has been focusing on national and international sales thus making him one of the most experienced hemp building market enhancers in the world.