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Mark Reinders

CEO, Thermohanf

Mark Reinders is CEO of the HempFlax group of companies. He is one of the most creative, practical and experienced professionals in the field of European hemp. Mark tirelessly researches, implements and promotes both environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes, and new uses for hemp.

Mark grew up on his family’s farm, one of the first to grow hemp for HempFlax. A six month internship at HempFlax in 2002 further encouraged his interest in the long-neglected traditional Dutch crop. Experience at agricultural and recycling companies convinced him that sustainable practices should be implemented right from the beginning of any supply chain. Returning to HempFlax as Vice President in 2008, he has implemented this vision with dedication and success. As CEO, he continues to strive for the highest possible standards. His dedication to innovation in every stage of the hemp process, from seed to finished product, has made HempFlax a world leader in the industry.

Mark is currently CEO of  HempFlax Group of companies and holding the position of  Treasurer of the European Industrial Hemp Association,