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Marcel Bonn-Miller

Chief Scientific Officer, Charlotte’s Web

Dr. Marcel Bonn-Miller earned a BA in psychology and PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Vermont and completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine. He began his career at the Department of Veterans Affairs, where he held a number of positions including at the National Center for PTSD. After almost a decade within the VA, Dr. Bonn-Miller left to take a position at Zynerba Pharmaceuticals where he served as Director of Cannabinoid Research. After 3 years of work with Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, he joined Canopy Growth Corporation where he served as Vice President, Human and Animal Research. In March, 2023 he joined Charlotte’s Web where he now serves as Chief Scientific Officer.

Widely considered one of the early and leading research pioneers in the field of cannabis and mental health, Dr. Bonn-Miller has conducted seminal work on the interrelations between cannabis and a range of health conditions, including pain, anxiety, HIV, PTSD, and sleep disorders. Dr. Bonn-Miller brings a unique and diverse perspective to cannabinoid therapeutics, having worked within medical center and academic settings for over a decade and with industry for the past 7 years.  He serves on the editorial boards of several scientific journals, has published over 150 peer-reviewed empirical publications on cannabis.