1st Day: 7th June 2017 (10-18h)


10:00 Michael Carus
(nova-Institut GmbH, DE)
Conference Opening

Country Report

Chairman: Michael Carus (nova-Institut GmbH, DE)


Mark Reinders 
(HempFlax B.V., NL)
Cultivation & Processing of Industrial Hemp in Europe - Abstract here
10:30 Anndrea Hermann 
(Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance and Hemp Industries Association)
Canada Update: Regulatory Change, Cultivation, Production - Abstract here

Rohit Sharma
(Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA), IN)

Indian Hemp Developing Food and Fibre Market and Data

11:10 Coffee Break  

Cultivation & Processing

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Stefano Amaducci (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, IT)

11:40 Dr. Nicole Ward Gauthier 
(University of Kentucky, USA)
A New Crop in the US Results in Both New Diseases and Familiar Ones - Abstract

Michael Dickeduisberg (Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE)

Dr. Heiko Beckhaus, NFC GmbH Nettle Fibre Company, DE

Hemp in Germany - Renaissance as Winter Cover Crop for High Quality Textile Hemp-Fibres - Abstract here
12:20 Arnaud Day
(Fibres Recherche Développement, FR)
Quality Management of Hemp Straw from Plant to Agromaterial: Innovative Axes to a better Design of Hemp Fiber  uses in Thermoplastic Composites - Abstract here
12:40 Salvatore Musio & Prof. Dr. Stefano Amaducci
(Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, IT)
Controlling Hemp Fibre Quality in the Field: the Multihemp Experience
13:00 Lunch Break  


14:30 Mark Reinders 
(HempFlax B.V., NL)
Why you should use European Hemp Fibres for your Automotive Applications?

Thitivara Poonsawat  
(Kasetsart University, TH)

Dr.-Ing. Nina Graupner (Hochschule Bremen/City University of Applied Sciences, DE)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Müssig (Hochschule Bremen/City University of Applied Sciences, DE)

Thai-German Agro-based Fibre Exchange Programme – Sustainable Development: From Plant to Product - Abstract here
15:10 Rachele Invernizzi
(South Hemp, IT)
Italy has Awakened - Federcanapa, Bio Plastic & Bio Construction - Abstract here

Building & Construction

Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Müssig (Hochschule Bremen - City University of Applied Sciences (DE))

15:25 Antonio Trionfi Honorati 
(Federcanapa, IT)
A house made out of hemp-straw-bales, now it's possible! - Abstract here
15:35 Matteo Montecchi
(CMF Greentech Srl. IT)
LIVING HEMP – CANAPAlithos and CMF Greentech Project - Abstract here

Prof. Gie Steenput 
(Avans University of Applied Sciences, NL)

Designing and Building a Children's Bamboo & Hemp Playground - Abstract here

16:15 Coffee Break  

Chairman: Steve Allin (Int. Hempbuilding Association, (IR))

16:45 Laurent Goudet
(Akta B.V.P, FR)
Hemp Concrete, 16 Years of Building by Dry Spraying - Abstract here
17:05 Monika Brümmer
(Cannabric, ES and Adrar Nouh, MA)
Parameters that have Influence on the Properties of Hemp-concrete Systems - Abstract here
17:25 Wolf Jordan
(Jordan & Co. bvba, BE)
Building with Hemp-lime - Abstract here
17:45 End of 1st Day  
20:00 Dinner Buffet  

2nd Day: 8th June 2017 (9-18h)


Chairwoman: Anndrea Hermann (The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting, (CA))


Rafael F. Dulon 

Superfood and Food Supplements based on Hemp Seed, Leaves and CBD - Abstract here


Paul Benhaim & Harry Youngman 
(Hemp Food Australia, AU)
Australian - Hemp, THC and changing environment - Abstract here

Daniela Sfrija 
(Canah International SRL, RO)


Daniel Kruse (Hempro Int. GmbH & Co. KG, DE)

Quality Management of Hemp Grains - Abstract here
10:15 Bettina Wagner
(Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, DE)
Transfer of THC and THC-congeners from feed to food: Preliminary results of studies in dairy cows - Abstract here
10:40 Coffee Break  
11:10 Anne Sophie Gamborg
(Møllerup Gods, DK)
Moving Hemp Foods and Cosmetics from a Few Health Conscious Consumers to all Households - Abstract here
11:35 Hongliang Ding
(Hempfortex, CN)
Hemp cultivation in China and Markets for Hemp Fibres and CBD
12:00 Keith Jones
(Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, CA)
Update on Canada: Cultivation, Hemp Food and CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) and other Cannabinoids

Chairman: Boris Banas, CBDepot, s.r.o., CZ)

12:25 Boris Banas
(CBDepot, s.r.o., CZ)
General Update on CBD Regulations in Europe
12:50 Lunch Break  
14:00 Michael Carus 
(nova-Institut GmbH, DE)
Overview on EIHAs latest CBD and THC Publications & Petitions

Daniel Kruse 
(HempConsult GmbH, DE)

Market Data on Hemp Food and CBD - key Markets and Indicators for a growing Industry - Abstract here


Antonin Cohen 
(Meet Harmony, UK)

CBD e-liquids for Cannabis and Tobacco Smokers
15:15 Joscha Krauß 
(MD medical hemp GmbH, DE)
Cannabidiol – from Farm to End Product - Abstract here
15:40 Coffee Break  
16:10 Hanka Gabrielova
ICCI: Patient Focused Certification (PFC) – Quality Standards of Cannabis Products - Abstract here
16:35 Sara Gobbi
(ASTM International, BE)
Global Standards Organization ASTM International Unveils New Cannabis Committee
17:00 Christoph Rossner 
(Bunker Phyto-Pharma-Development UG, DE)
The Bunker-PPD-Research-Project:
How we take a look, into the Hemp-metabolism - Abstract here