Further 5 valuable Quotes on Industrial Hemp - Meet the Industrial Hemp Experts in Cologne!

15th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association

12 - 13 June 2018 at the Maternushaus Cologne, Germany:

++ More than 115 participants from 26 countries registered - more than 350 participants from 40 countries expected again ++ Already 19 exhibitors - only a few booth left ++ largest event on industrial hemp worldwide ++

Pierre Amadieu (FR) “I am very grateful to the different partners that allow us to produce this NM8 hemp wet spun yarn. Collaborative minded people achieve great challenges, this NM8 yarn is so far our most beautiful benchmark.”
Tony Budden, Hemporium (ZA) „The hemp industry seems to be generating great momentum around the world, with innovation and economies of scale being seen in several regions. Africa’s growth remains limited, but several projects, most notably in Malawi and South Africa, are seeing fruition, with many more countries in the region expressing interest in legislation change in order for them to take advantage of the jobs, houses, nutrition and more that this plant can offer.“
Robert Schwemmer, Naporo Klima Dämmstoff GmbH, (AT) „Hemp as sound protection material for homes and offices. Latest developments of natural high performing materials.“
Yujie Tian, Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences (CN) „Industrial Hemp currently has the largest planting area of bast fiber crops in China, of which 70% is used as raw materials in textile.“


Dr. ir. Veronique Troch & Myréne Vanderhoeven, Hogeschool Gent, (BE) „A multidisciplinary research team of the agricultural and the textile department of University College Ghent (Belgium) is investigating how the quality of hemp fibres for textile applications can be controlled at several levels of the value chain. Results from the first research year will be presented at EIHA.“

Meet at the conference:  ASTM ++ BAFA ++ CBDepot ++ Danish Technological Institute ++ Canah ++ CAVAC ++ FAAAT ++ Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de Chanvre (FNPC) ++ GW Research ++ Hanf Farm ++ Hanffaser Uckermark ++ Hanf-Zeit ++ Hemp Foods Australia ++ Hemp Industries Association (HIA) ++ Hemp it ++ Hempoint ++ HempFlax ++ Hempro ++ IIHA ++ Institute of Bast Fibre Crops International ++ Interchanvre ++ International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI) ++ Isolate Extraction Systems ++ Jinzhou Qiaopai Biotech ++ Konoplex ++ MH medical hemp ++ Naporo Klima Dämmstoff ++ Phytowelt Green Technologies ++ Propaganda Production ++ South Hemp Tecno ++ Trigal Pharma ++ Virgina Industrial Hemp Coalition, WUR and many more

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