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Info: Preliminary Programme: 16th EIHA Hemp Conference

16th EIHA Hemp Conference

5–6 June 2019, Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany ++ 400 international participants from 40 countries expected again ++ 30 exhibitors expected ++


Specialists from all over the world will meet in order to exchange information regarding the latest developments in hemp applications for fibres, shivs, seeds and oil as well as cannabinoids. Applications are biocomposites in automotive and construction, textiles, food, food supplements and pharmaceuticals. We are expecting again 400 international participants from more than 40 countries – we are looking forward to the biggest event on industrial hemp ever!

Preliminary programme

Visions and Global Hemp Industry

Paul Benhaim, Elixinol Global (AU): Hemp and Cannabis in a Modern and Changing World
Steve Bevan, GenCanna (US):  Global Hemp Economics
Kehrt Reyher, HempToday (PL/US): Powering the Industry with Modern Media Tools
Lorenza Romanese, managing director of EIHA (BE): Lobbying Actions in Brussels on Hemp Food, CBD and CAP Reform - an Opportunity for the Hemp Sector
Catherine Wilson, CannaWellness (UK ) and EIHA board member: The Future of Hemp

Country Reports

Ted Haney, Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CA): The Canadian Hemp Industry – A Billion Dollar Blueprint
Thiprada Poonsawat, Kasetsart University (TH): Hemp in Thailand – Current Status and the Coming of Medical Hemp
Mark Reinders, HempFlax and president of EIHA (NL): Update on EIHA and the European Hemp Industry
Rohit Sharma, Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IN): Indian Hemp Techno Commercial & Market Update
Michalis Theodoropoulos, KANNABIO Hemp Cooperative (GR): Cooperativism in the Hemp Industry – Prospects and Challenges

Agriculture & Processing

Thierry Masi, Laroche (FR): Laroche Innovations for Cottonisation of Hemp Fibres
Mark Reinders, HempFlax and president of EIHA (NL): 25 years HempFlax – Making the Dream Come True was Hard Work: High-value Utilisation of all Parts of the Hemp Crop: Fibres, Shives, Seeds and CBD

Hemp Fibres

Michael Carus, nova-Institut (DE) and member of the EIHA advisory board: Update on Carbon Footprint and Sustainability of Different Natural Fibres for Biocomposites and Insulation

Hemp Construction

Steve Allin, International Hemp Building Association (IE): The Broad Range of Hempcrete Applications Worldwide
Candice Meskin, Quintessential Tips (UK): Hemp Paper for Business and Beyond

Hemp Foods

Rafael Dulon, Hanf Farm (DE): Hemp-based Food: A Worldwide Traditionally Known Source of Human Nutrition is being Rediscovered
Daniel Kruse, Hemp Factory (DE) and EIHA board member: Modern Hemp Food Processing
Catherine Wilson, CannaWellness (UK) and EIHA board member: EU History of Hemp Flowers and Leaves Consumed in Foods - it is NOT Novel

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Giuseppe Cannazza, Federcanapa (IT): Pitfalls in the Analysis of Cannabinoids
Hana Gabrielová, Hempoint (CZ) and Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli, Knowmad Institut (ES): Approaching Hemp and Cannabis Policies Through the Lens of Sustainable Development
Franjo Grotenhermen, nova-Institut (DE): News and Perspectives on CBD in Medical Practice and Self-treatment
Rien Havens, Amrit Labs (US): Industrial Hemp Extraction, Refinement, and Post Refinement Demystified
Sebastian Kamphorst, Laia's Proteinhanf/Becanex (DE): Next Generation of CBD Extraction - Low Pressure, Low Temperature (LPLT) Extraction, a Newly Developed Mild One Step Extraction
Joscha Krauß, MH medical hemp (DE): Medicinal Cannabis in Germany - A Market Evaluation
Feihu Liu, Yunnan University (CN): Overview on the Hemp Industry in China and the Chinese Technology for CBD Production
Laurène Tran, Harmony (UK): Outlook and Insights on CBD Regulation in Spain, France, and the UK

Call for papers and posters

You are welcome to present your latest products, technologies or developments on industrial hemp. Hand in your abstract here as soon as possible. Want to present a poster? Hand in your application here please.

Innovation Award "Hemp Product of the Year 2019"

For the 2nd time, the Innovation Award "Hemp Product of the Year 2019" will be granted to the young, innovative industrial hemp industry for finding suitable applications and markets for industrial hemp based products. Call for innovation here! Many thanks to HempFlax for supporting the Innovation Award! Deadline for submission: 30 April 2019

Exhibition and sponsoring opportunities

The fee of a booth (6 qm) is 650 EUR (excl. 19% VAT). We provide you with a table, tablecloths, a pin board, a chair and a power connection. You are welcome to use your own booth system. After booking your booth please submit Mr. Dominik Vogt a printable logo and a company profile.

All sponsoring opportunities are available for download here.

Looking forward to welcoming you at the conference in June 2019!

Your nova conference team