Booth No. 5: Harmony (UK)

Harmony is healthy, convenient and affordable hemp products for your entire family. We created Harmony to provide all the benefits of hemp that a body needs to thrive. We produce Harmony in different forms and flavors to best match your lifestyle.

Our mission
We strive to provide affordable access to cannabinoids and improve personal well-being in harmony with nature. We see a world where billions of people could benefit from cannabinoids, but most of them don’t have a safe or legal way of using them. We at Harmony use science, nature and business as tools to improve the quality and accessibility of cannabinoids so it is no longer a challenge, but a means of life improvement.

Our activities

Consumer Cannabidiol (CBD) Products
Harmony’s Product Department creates botanical?based cannabidiol (CBD) products that enhance the quality of life and restore the body’s balance. Hemp is one of the most active plants on the planet with over 400 different chemicals and we believe most people should use it daily.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Products Distribution
Harmony’s Distribution Department selects and controls the quality of an extensive range of cannabidiol (CBD) products from other companies. We make sure to provide only the highest quality, best-selling CBD products from our network of 510+ European distributors and retailers.

Cannabinoids Laboratory Services
Harmony’s Laboratory Department helps our partners to unlock the full potential of hemp, locally. We offer white label, product design, organic raw materials, production quality standards & marketing expertise to boost cannabinoids access everywhere.

Based in Barcelona and London, Harmony is growing fast. Whether you’re a distributor looking for new products, or a person passionate about what we do, please write us at

107 Cheapside
London, EC2V 6DN
United Kingdom

English: +44 16 1768 0728
Italian: +39 02 9475 9558
Spanish: +34 932 20 41 35