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Alvan Blanch Hemp Drying Solutions

Alvan Blanch are industry leaders in hemp drying, processing up to 140,000 tonnes of the crop per year. We also remain as the manufacturers of the “World’s Biggest Hemp Dryer”, located in Europe, and measuring around 50 metres.

Hemp is a delicate crop and has to be handled with care. For its use in the pharmaceutical industry, the preservation of the oil is essential. As such a delicate crop, it is important that it is processed promptly to prevent the growth of mould and fungus that could greatly damage the plant. This is where an Alvan Blanch Hemp Drying System has benefits beyond other methods. A simple loading system means the plant can be immediately fed into the dryer, and the drying process begins straight away – there is no manual labour or delays, such as those found within a drying room method. The effective, but gentle processing of an Alvan Blanch Hemp Drying System ensure the maximum levels of CBD are retained.

Alvan Blanch design and manufacture a range of Hemp Dryers. These dryers work around the needs of our customers, suited to a variety of capacities. With highly efficient drying at low temperatures, our Hemp Dryers ensure that plant breakage is reduced.

One of our Hemp Dryers is our Conveyor Dryer model. As the most versatile in our range, the CD is optimised for the drying of hemp. The design of the CD means the crop is moved along the dryer bed by several product agitators, as a result, non-free flowing products are easily conveyed through the dryer. The speed at which the product moves through the dryer is controlled with the variable speed drives. The main spinner at the feed section of the dryer allows the user to adjust bed depth from the initial loading. These hemp drying systems start from 10 metres and go up to 50 metres long, depending on capacity demands and footprint.

Alvan Blanch Hemp Dryers are capable of handling very wet products, in particular our Rotary Dryer range. Suitable for those who are looking for an efficient dryer in a smaller footprint.
This range of Hemp Dryers have an almost a completely automated operation, with a low energy consumption. The Alvan Blanch Hemp Dryer range gives the user complete control of the machine settings. This allows for control of the conditions and a more consistent process that ensures the quality of the end product.

The Alvan Blanch Hemp Drying System is also suitable for the drying of hemp seeds. As a popular product in the food industry, drying is an essential step to ensure the safety standards of the product. As the product is free-flowing, the Double Flow works as an efficient Hemp Seed Dryer. The unique louvered bed moves the seed along the dryer, at even and controlled bed depth. The Hemp Seed Dryer’s conveying system eliminates the possibility of hotspots and blockages, minimising any potential damage that could be caused.

As with other dryers in the Hemp Drying Systems range, the Hemp Seed Dryer has a gentle process; with several features that make it effective even at low temperatures, mostly due to the balanced air flow. The cooling section, in the bottom bed, allows the seed to be cooled properly before storage. This section is also capable of recovering the waste heat from the dryer.

Our Hemp and Hemp Seed Dryers can be run on a variety of heat sources, including the waste heat from a biomass boiler. These varied heat sources ensure the environmental impact of the drying system is greatly reduced.

Alongside our unique drying systems, we also provide a range of processing equipment designed to work in conjunction with our hemp dryers. This includes a complete range of conveying equipment and post-drying bailing and bagging solutions.

An Alvan Blanch complete hemp drying and processing system is the best way to optimise your project and ensure you retain crop quality. We work to build a complete solution around your requirements – no matter how big or small.

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