HANF FARM – Ecological. Sustainable. Good.

HANF FARM has been working with the hemp plant for many years. Since 1996, when Germany once again allowed hemp to be grown as an agricultural crop, our committed team has been specialising in the cultivation, processing and worldwide marketing of high-quality hemp products. The company’s ultimate goal is to re-establish hemp as a cultivated plant in Germany and Europe and to integrate it into the agricultural cycle. In the course of this, we attach the utmost importance to manufacturing innovative and sustainably-sound products and paying equal attention to the ecological, social and economic aspects. Our vision is to satisfy this ambitious goal without exception throughout the entire production process – already starting with hemp cultivation.

We are now also seeing initial cultivation successes in traditional German growing regions where we favour organic areas that are close to future processing sites. In doing so, we focus on professional processing and first-rate product quality, a high degree of environmental compatibility, no animal testing, as well as using commodities from certified organic growers.

The Managing Director of HANF FARM, Rafael Dulon, has been operating successfully in the hemp sector for more than 20 years. After his training in organic farming and in marketing he concentrated on the development and processing of high-quality hemp food products. Already in 1997, he started cultivating hemp seeds in Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg and had the hemp seeds processed into high-quality edible oils. Today, HANF FARM GmbH cultivates hemp in many parts of Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe almost exclusively in organically farmed areas.


  • Hemp seeds
  • Hemp seed oil/hemp oil
  • Hemp protein
  • Hemp leaves
  • Hemp pellets
  • Hemp extract

Rafael F. Dulon
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