Fundación CANNA

Fundación CANNA: Scientific research and Cannabis testing

Because we all have the right to know what we consume.

Fundación CANNA is a non-profit initiative of the CANNA España Fertilizantes SL, a multi-national company producing high quality fertilizers for fast growing plants.

The Foundation carries out studies and conducts research on Cannabis and its active compounds. Its main focus is on:

  • Cannabis plants and their active compounds, related studies and scientific research, especially regarding its effects on the human body and mind.
  • Scientific research regarding Cannabis use and its derivatives.

Fundación CANNA has a laboratory where different kind of tests are performed. The idea of the Foundation was conceived out of the need to offer an answer to a broad demand for testing and research.
Fundación CANNA financially supports different congresses, iniciatives and studies in order to push forward the knowlegde about cannabinoids as a medicine.